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I'm the guy you cut in the queue, that's why you got the ticket and I don't

I'm the guy who eats lunch alone in the corner, while you have your lunch together with a group of friends and become the loudest table in the restaurant

I'm the guy who changes his weekend schedule because you want to go somewhere with your kids and your driver is used by your husband

I'm the guy who wishes your brothers and sister-in-law birthday wishes while you don't even bother to remember my brothers & sisters birthday

I'm the guy who always misses out on good things in life because I'm always late to it or I don't get invited

I'm the guy who tells straight lie to my parents to be with you and you don't even give a damn to respect it

I'm the guy who suffers because you want me to be like someone else's son

I'm the guy who drives you to gathering with your friends, while you don't want to go with me to meet my friends

I'm the guy whose absence won't be missed by others

I'm the guy who studies hard for the test but my grade is still lower than you because you cheat. And everybody who doesn't know it praises your good grade

I'm the guy who follows all the rules but still don't get any benefit from it

I'm the guy who changes lane because the other lane is not as congested, but as soon as I'm in the lane it becomes the most congested one

I'm the guy you sneer at because my major in the university is less common and less commercial than the rest of the world

I'm the guy whose salary is still lower than you even though I've worked longer than you

I'm the guy who gets refused by the valet parking while you easily get it because of the car you drive

I'm the guy who loves you while you're dating the guy who abuses you

I'm the guy who helps you whenever you ask for it, but when I need your help you'll always have excuses for not doing it

I'm the guy who always follows your rules, while you don't want to follow mine

I'm the guy who has to come early to get the parking space, because most of them is already reserved by you

And I'm tired of being that guy...



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