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minus twelve

I'm going to lose all the freedom and fun in the next 12 days. It's funny when you take something for granted, and cry all over the place when it's not with you anymore. I guess I'll be longing for these:
- watching the movie alone in Puri anytime I want
- staying all day in my bedroom reading, sleeping
- spending my hard-earned money on stuffs that I love
- being alone & wandering around like I'm lost
- having fun with those United freaks
And all the things that I love doing most. Ah, the fun of being single!

Most of my married friends confirm that being in a marriage means leaving all your single luxuries on the doorstep of your home. And when you return on the next morning to pick them up, they're all gone, taken away by the garbage men and dumped to Hell. You're left with nothing, and forced to adapt or die in misery. Aside from the sex, none of them can provide me with any happy, joyous insight into this brand new life. Makes you wonder, eh?

Tempus fugit, and I'm slower than a snail here.


I went to eX yesterday both for work and The Terminal. The work part was quite okay, it's not that difficult. While The Terminal part was good, Zeta-Jones was even lovelier here than at her other movies, and the story itself was okay albeit being "too Hollywood" for the ending. Hey, we all need a good ol' happy ending, right?

While waiting for the movie, we went browsing at aksara. There, for the first time, I laid my hands on iPod and it was love at first touch. Gotta get me the 20 GB one. However, it must wait after the wedding, though.

Now, back to Radiohead-ing and Smashing Pumpkins-ing.

raging boss

From 7 days in a week, Thursday is the one that I hate most now. Thursday means I have to unleash my dark side to my staffs for their ignorance, inconsistency, laziness, tardiness, and low standard of service quality.

I mean, why can't you just do it as I told you to do!!!!!???

Today is the first time I raise my voice to one of my staff who's hundreds of miles away. The next time I come to supervise him, he might want to strangle me, mutilate the hapless body, and throw all the pieces to the sea.

I think I've joined the Dark Side.
Anakin must be very proud of me.

On another note, here's what I think of Collateral. Please let me finish my rant:

I like how Michael Mann provides this fluorescent kinda light to the whole movie. The first time I saw the trailer, my mind directly went to video game. The picture reminded me of a video game. Something like Final Fantasy or that game where the characters are CGI and move clumsily. The music is also fabulous, it shut down your mind from outside distraction. You don't think of your overdue bills, annoying girlfriends, breast cancer, Jakarta's traffic jam, or the end of the world for about two hours in the studio. The music kept you focused all the way to Cruise, Foxx, and Pinkett-Smith.

Final thought...I really wish for Tom to win his battle with Jamie. I wish for Vincent to kill Max, and then move on to finish his contract by putting two on Annie's forehead, and two on her chest. Nobody wants to see Tom Cruise get killed in a movie.

Really final, final thought...I want to be like Jason Statham. I want to get paid like him who just said two lines in the movie and bumped shoulders with Tom. Some guy just has all the luck.


All my headache and misery from the last 4 days seems to be culminating today. Nothing goes right in the office. My staffs kept making small, irritating mistakes. And then, my boss was late in giving me the cheque that had to be deposited to the partner's account. Consequently, I was also late in picking up my folks for their 13.25 flight.

Knowing that the highway is always crowded around that time, I decided not to go there and took the usual road instead. Of course, I was wrong, because nothing went right for me today, and the road was jammed right in front of my office. The climax? My folks missed their flight and had to wait for 3 hours in the airport to board the next plane.

It's still 7 hours to go before the end of the day, and I don't know what other mishap is awaiting me.

My only solace for those headaches & miseries? Jacky Cheung's Zhen Ai. Such a heavenly relief. I also tried The Village last night. Even though it's quite good, in a way there are still many holes that are easily exploited by serious, logical people who want a good debate. But if you just want a good scare & entertaining movie like me, the discussion should end 10 minutes after you walk out of the theatre.
Today I just lost my strongest candidate to be my best man for the wedding. For weeks, I think I've already known to which way his decision would go. But it still hurts when the confirmation has finally come. Am I really that bad?

On a more depressing note, Hunny has decided to quit her job. Something that I don't really agree with but can't do anything about it because it's her who does the job. I only think that it might be better to have two incomes than just one when we already walk past the marriage gate. She said that she might find another job if necessary. However with such attitude and personality I doubt that she will get one. In the end, it'll all just sit nicely on my shoulder. Just like what I've done for years.

It's a curse, I think. Don't you just hate it?

random things

Here I am, bored in front of my notebook, having no work to be done for the day, dying to write in my journal, and yet having nothing interesting in mind to write. Sounds familiar?

Anyway, the snack for office tea break today was a couple of siomay for everyone. I gulped them absently while knowing that it was my THIRD meal of the day. I know I'm fat and trying to cut the food intake but strangely I eat more and more each day! Actually, last week I was kinda fed up with food. It felt like I could live with or without them. If only I could control this nerve that regulates my appetite for food. Life should be more beautiful, I think. Six-pack abs, baby!

Hunny isn't feeling well lately and this morning she said that she was nauseous and always felt vomitting. I'm quite afraid that she's not sick but getting something else. Oh, God. Please don't. Hopefully it's just my unreasonable fear & paranoia.

Things to expect in the weekend:
- I, Robot
- New shoes
- Trisna's marriage
- Community Shield, GO UNITED!!!
- Hang out with the mad gang again after offseason

It's a weekend worth waiting for!!

in two months...

Last night, I had another argument with my Mom. We argued, argued, and argued until we got sick of each other.

Two months away and they all come thick and fast. Goddamn it!!

The only bright things from last night were The Chronicles of Riddick and Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. Those faces on that giant Necromonger ship really scared the shit out of me. Don't want to meet them in the dark, though.

I never realize that Kylie's Confide in Me is THAT good. Definitely my kinda song.


So yeah, today's the last day before I start embarking on my first business trip ever next Sunday. Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Yogya, Solo, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar here I come! I'll bring along my notebook (the old one, passed on from one senior staff to another junior staff), ny bag, my notes, and my loyal cheap, blue, Snowman marker.

Yesterday, I spent some time in Glodok to buy some DVDs to be played on my notebook. I managed to find some that I've looked for quite a while, and was able to block the stare from the ladies who hung around in the cashier. Ah, hell with them, coz in hours I'll be able to enjoy the DVDs!! But goddammit, they couldn't be played!! The player seemed to be not the all-region DVD player. I cursed myself last night! Oh, the agony of having to wait another days or weeks!!

I seem kinda busy, don't I? I'm sure the headache will get worse, now with October is already knocking on the window and there are still tons of things that need to be taken care of.



This morning, my boss did his thing again and made the whole team ran for their lives. I guess it's already overdue because he hadn't done it for quite a while. I just hate it when he did that, it's like I'm carefully stacking cards to make a beautiful house, and suddenly he came and managed to wreck my card house with a swing of his hand, so I had to start all over again.

Yesterday, some guy from FedEx came to my home to deliver a package and told my maid that I had to pay Rp. 90000 to pay for the import tax whatsoever first before I got my stuff. It was the NASA stuff from my cousin-in-law hehehe. I'm so happy, and when I called home just now, the package had been delivered, so now I'm counting the hours till I lay my hands on it. Man, I've been drooling.

I read my writings lately and I have to admit that I hate them. I'm getting rusty. Gotta find a way to keep me writing regularly.

friendly neighborhood

I'm quite amazed how I don't have anything to do since 11 AM today. This must be a miracle considering I've always had my plate full until 3-4 PM in the afternoon. Therefore, I have time to update my cozy green home and keep up with what's happening in my friends' blogs. It feels great to have some time off.

Last night, I finally joined some thousands other Indonesians who marvelled at Spider-Man 2. I made it after two unsuccessful tries last week in Puri & eX, even though I watched it yesterday without Hunny, I don't mind watching it twice, so be it. After about two hours in the cinema, I know why the sequel performed better than the first movie. The story is well developed and it's not just about good guy vs bad guy, we got to see the battle of moral conscience inside Peter Parker. I guess that's the secret recipe that makes people come to see it. We want to see a hero who's not omnipotent, we want our hero to be like ourselves who had their our own personal past & demons, and the most important thing is that we want to know the person behind the mask/cap. Spidey often took off his mask and let people know his real identity, something that you'll never see in the old movies of Superman, Batman, and other superhero movies.

Other things that I really enjoy about the movie are the way Spidey swung from building to building which was very realistic, the new Spidey-suit, the opening credit which provided information from the first movie which was made into painting (too bad it's not Alex Ross!), and Doc Ock's tentacles. The only minor thing that I notice is how desperate Sam Raimi tries to tell the audience that in the third movie, Harry Osborn will be Green Goblin. I mean, we don't need Harry to remind us over and over again how he hates Spidey and such. The scene when he discovered his Dad's vault was more than enough to keep us brimming with anticipation of his personal duel with Spidey in two or three years time. In the meantime, let's just watch it once again and buy the DVD!

I will probably start writing a feature for my Department student's wall magazine now. I've put it off for quite a while because of work, and now when I want to see the detail of the editor's request, I can't find it because for some strange reason Friendster don't keep all my messages. Well, the only thing I remember is that she asked me to write something "inspiring". Hmm, what could it be...


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