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why so green and lonely?

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There was a Roman god named Janus. He had two faces on which people said they represented two different sides. One side was the exact opposite of the other. Good/Evil. Black/White. Yin/Yang. And I still wonder why my folks didn't name me "Janus" since I think that'd fit perfectly into me. If you need more proof of it, I can tell you that I'm a Gemini. And what's the symbol for Gemini? Right, Twins. Therefore, I need you to remember that whenever you see or talk to me, you're doing it to TWO different people, instead of one. Scary, huh?

I'm merely a mortal who has dreams, hopes, and other evil thoughts. I've had my glorious moments, I've had tasted lots of bitter defeats. Currently, I'm stuck working full-time at a software developer and can't wait for my chance to escape to Singapore for better living. I hope, I wish, I pray, and I cross my fingers for that. Besides that, I also moonlight as a lecturer at my almamater. All of that is for money, money, and you guess it, yes money. And also for my ultimate dream of having my own bookstore and a trip to Old Trafford, Manchester, and other places where I'd like to set my foot on.

Geez. What a boring, moaning, and pathetic sod I am!

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